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Os bonecos do Mágico de Oz na festa da Mimos Provence e no blog da Kara

Wizard of Oz Themed Birthday Party

Follow the yellow brick road and take a look at this darling WIZARD OF OZ THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Juliana Mimos of Mimos Provence! Oh I simply can’t take the cuteness with this one! So many adorable ideas here! If you’re planning a Wizard of Oz party then this post is for you!
Juliana said this about planning the party- “This party was a personal achievement for me. It’s based on a story that stayed with me for life. I remember watching the movie, and Judy Garland playing Dorothy… so pretty! That image never left my mind! Some time ago Mama Ana Paula Tavares approached us to produce a feast for Clarinha. She wanted something delicate, pink and a different, striking theme. It was then that admiring the blog of my dear and talented Eggplant Pri, I saw that she had posted her beautiful doll’s entire class movie of the Wizard of Oz .. I knew what the theme would be! Along with the desires of Ana and the characters of Pri, I decided to tell this beautiful story of 112 years. The result could not be better… the beautiful decoration, full of charm, rich in detail, playful, magical and very, very happy!!
We use a wall of fabric, with many fun effects including helium balloons. The yellow bricks were portrayed in the scenario of the floor decoration. A personalized stationery with many shoes and the whole gang from the magical world gave a special touch to decor!”
Decoration, design, ambiance- Mimos
Provence Dolls Theme: BerinjelaPri
Animation: C & K
Photography: Silvia Merhy Fotografia
Items used in this party available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:
Lollipop Sticks
Favor Boxes 
Milk Bottles

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